Route table

Defined routes, Travel time in real-time, predefined travel time, Speed, Bluetooth/WiFi count within the segment, percentage distribution of chosen route, Time loss (in relation to expected Travel time), Tendency (green, yellow, red) depending on any deviation from the expected Travel time.

Segmentation diagram

Traffic flow diagram of every possible route and individual line width represents the traffic volume.

Line graph

Gives following options for visualising data: Segmentation overview, Segmentation in percent, Time Loss, Speed and Dwell time at intersections.

Table of bluetooth data

Number of detected Bluetooth/WiFi addresses at a sensor within a determined time slot. Recognition values which relates to the average number of multiple detections of identical Bluetooth/WiFi addresses (indicator for traffic jam).


Users can get a Google Maps view of all measuring points.

Route segmentation overview & detail view

Data is presented in a 12 hour daily load curve.