Get it all from one source

Suitable software components needed for the operation, calculation, evaluation and presentation can either be installed within the client’s infrastructure or can be operated as a separate hosting solution (system is able to support multiple clients) on the central BLIDS® server.

In relation to sensor technology the following software components (Server-Backend and presentation layer) build the overall solution BLIDS® network.

BLIDS® Server-Software

BLIDS® network communication – user data and system data transmission between sensors and server system
BLIDS® network data processing – data pre-processing including anonymisation of the data according to data protection rules
BLIDS® network security – secure and encrypted data transfer
BLIDS® network sensor monitoring – function monitoring
BLIDS® network sensor configuration – OTA/remote configuration

BLIDS® Computation-Software

BLIDS® network data base (NoSQL) – highly performant and license free
BLIDS® network Travel Time real time – travel time and route calculation in real time
BLIDS® Computation Webservice – interface for data provision and integration of external applications
BLIDS® Web, Standard Website – monitoring and representation of routes, travel times and trends
The operation of BLIDS® network is license free (i.e. no additional license costs for server operating system and database system) and needs low hardware system requirements.

System requirements

PC Quad Core, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB SATA HDD (permits the operation of up to 1.000 BLIDS® sensors).

Operating system:
Native/Virtual: Ubuntu Linux Server.
Host operating system (virtualisation): Microsoft Windows Server from 2008, Linux, VmWare ESXi from Version 4