Precise Data Acquisition

Data acquisition through only one BLIDS® - SENSOR monitoring several traffic lanes in both directions gives the BLIDS® NETWORK high functionality with low costs per measurement point. BLIDS® - SENSORS also detect vehicles with a speed of over 125 mph and allow a distinction between truck and car traffic on motorways.

Versatile Data Generation

Travel time measurement, origin-destination relationships, dwell time at intersections, real-time incident recognition, all of this can be generated by at least two BLIDS® - SENSORS.

Real-time Evaluation

BLIDS® NETWORK allows transmitting findings and results of the generated data directly to road users e.g. traffic congestion

Simple Installation and Expansion

The installation process is simple, with no additional structural components needed. BLIDS® - SENSORS can be combined with additional external devices (e.g. radar systems).

Customer-Specific Scenarios

Depending on demand BLIDS® NETWORK-SYSTEMS can be operated as fixed or mobile installation.

Maintenance Free

The robust design of BLIDS® - SENSORS ensures maintenance free operation.

Proven Technology

BLIDS® - SENSORS are field-proven in real operation. They have been extensively tested and are success- fully operated by a great number of European customers, allocating more than one million operating hours.