Data protection

Data Protection Compliancy and Maximum Protection against Manipulation

BLIDS® NETWORK offers responsible handling of data in compliance with data protection requirements and assists traffic infrastructure operators in meeting legal requirements. In this way, the public acceptance of traffic data collection increases.
BLIDS® NETWORK ensures confidentiality and integrity of data by using hashing algorithms, adding salt-values and shortening of data directly on the BLIDS®-Sensor.
BLIDS® NETWORK ensures high security data transmission not only through an encryption protocol and mutual certificate validation checks, but also by using BLIDS proprietary protocol.
BLIDS® NETWORK offers protection against hardware and data manipulation by using the capabilities of a security chip.

Future-Proof and Innovative – Experience blends into development

Our longstanding market presence and expertise provide quality and customer orientation. Scientific institutions in the field of technology have shown a clear preference for the BLIDS® NETWORK. A permanent expert group ensures a steady knowledge transfer between research and development work. As a consequence, solutions are developed that go far beyond the current state of art in sensor technology.
BLIDS® NETWORK offers completely flexible scalability of all system parts and guarantees optimal adaptation. BLIDS® NETWORK allows the integration of new technology into existing BLIDS® NETWORK customer systems.

Cost-Benefit Optimisation of System and Operation

The propriety development of our hardware and software enables an operation of the BLIDS® NETWORK without any direct or indirect licence costs. At the same time, it
provides manufactures support and flexible adjustment and associated expansion options. The modular architecture of its hardware and software guarantees efficient use and cost-efficient expandability. Added to this, open interfaces enable direct links to customer systems for smooth data use. BLIDS® NETWORK also provides on-premise or hosting solutions. Needless to say, BLIDS® NETWORK with its maintenance free and centrally controllable sensor technology
decreases the installation and operation effort.