Travel Time Measurement on Motorways

One sensor that covers multiple lanes and both driving directions.

Performance specification

The BLIDS® sensor is especially designed for high speed of vehicles. The send and receive radius of the BLIDS® sensor covers a maximum of approx. 250 m.

Vehicle speeds in excess of 220 kilometers per hour (km/h) can be captured.

The Bluetooth coverage quota is approx. 30% (of total traffic).

The installation of the sensors can be done either next to the driving lane or in the middle of a motorway on a pole, on variable message signs or directly into control boxes.

Travel times can be provided via the BLIDS® web-fronted or via the BLIDS® computation web service, and are thus available for third-party application.


  • Customer-specific filtering and sorting of data
  • Calculation of average speed and travel times
  • Recognition of malfunctions and patterns
  • Identification of transit traffic
  • Determination of heavy goods traffic
  • Evaluating of compliance rate
  • Gained data enables optimisation of construction site management