Mobile Traffic Data Collection

The mobile traffic data collection assisted by BLIDS® sensors is a cost-effective alternative to traditional data collection methods.

Service Description

Once we have received the relevant survey plan we will define, naturally in cooperation with our client, the number and locations for the BLIDS® sensors.

Set up and dismantling of the BLIDS® sensors can easily be done by as the necessary assembly tools are available.

BLIDS® sensors equipped with puffer batteries for independent power supply allow a complete traffic data collection for over 24 hours and up to 7 days.

The survey data is stored locally on SD cards in the BLIDS® sensor. An optional extra is a GSM data transfer to a BLIDS® server.

Subsequent to the measurement, all collected data gets calculated by and displayed in cross tables. Essential cross-sectional data for projections should be provided by the client.


  • Customer-specific filtering and sorting of data
  • Cross tables displaying traffic flows
  • Data collection on source and destination traffic
  • Determination of transit traffic
  • Identification of commuter traffic
  • Tabular display of vehicles according to location and time of recording
  • Calculation of average speed and travel times