Research and Development

The challenges of tomorrow call for state-of-the-art solutions.

In collaboration with universities and research institutes, works on projects in the field of mobility (people and traffic).

Together we develop solutions for the future.

Depending on the project, either takes up the role of a research partner or provides the research team with the BLIDS® solution.



An operation system for major events that is capable of (multi-sensor) person flow analysis for real-time visualisation and short-term forecast.

NovaRock Festival 2012, Donauinselfest 2013


It is an integrated overall concept for dynamic zoning.

Donauinselfest 2009


The acronym for Lernfähige intelligente Verkehrs Systeme, which translates to adaptive intelligent transport system, is a prognosis tool for congestion detection.


It combines the real-time collection of traffic and environmental data with simulation models for emission projections. At the same time it provides online suggestions for alternative measures for traffic management. The system will be tested in two European cities.


Mobile construction site management


  • Calculation of travel times
  • Analysis of traffic movement patterns
  • Person flow analysis