Performance Overview

Leistungen Traffic Planner Motorway Operator Traffic Management Research Institute System Integrator
Consulting Systematic planning of sensor locations  
  Visualisation of locations, Google Maps    
Installation and start-up Sensors  
  Support over the phone (when installation is done by client)  
Energy supply Provision of batteries and solar panels
Data transmission Provision of SIM cards (AUT)  
  Provision of SIM cards (EU)        
Operation sensors Maintenance and Service      
  Monitoring of the systems    
Operation software Hosting solutions  
  Individual client installation  
  Maintenance and Service    
Evaluations/Analyses Individual filtering    
  Customer-specific data provision    
Software services Integration into existing systems      
  Interfaces to third-party systems        
  Adaptation of visualisation    
  Customer-specific software development  
Other Product training  
  Technical documentation  
  Technical support  
Financing Rental  
  Hire purchase