With BLIDS® network, offers a wide range of services for integrating them into the product portfolio of system integrators.

Performance specification

Our offers range from extensive client projects, to joint development projects and collaborations with research institutes and focus groups. gladly accepts taking part in a bidding consortium along with fellow project members, as well as taking up the role of a system supplier for clients interested in awarding subcontracts.

1..BLIDS Sensor, 2..Power supply, 3..Plug, 4..GPRS/GSM Puck-antenna, 5.. Bluetooth antenna, 6.. Adhesive foil for antenna

To meet the special requirements of system integrators, product training, comprehensive technical documentation and a technological support hotline will be provided.

The contract period ensures a supply of spare parts and respectively replacement devices, repair and support. In terms of software, we offer the integration of our system into existing end-client’s systems or the creation of interfaces to third-party systems. In addition, complete new development of costumer-specific software tools is also available.


  • BLIDS® Sensors
  • Installation boxes for different operating modes
  • Solar equipment
  • General system description
  • System documentation
  • Hardware documentation
  • Security and data protection manual
  • Description of data and core values
  • Commissioning manual
  • Operating manual
  • Maintenance book
  • Instruction manual