Kordon Data Mining in Taunusstein

The transit traffic through Taunusstein, as well as the source and destination traffic from/to Taunusstein was calculated and identified for a whole day by covering all 11 main roads.


Urban Planning, Traffic Planning, Communication
Gutenbergstraße 34, 44139 Dortmund


Kordon Data Mining in Taunusstein


  • Consulting for the positioning of optimal elevation points.
  • Provision of 11 BLIDS® sensors for measurement in Taunusstein, all BLIDS® sensors with solar panels and puffer batteries for independent power supply.
  • Support during set up and operation.
  • Indexed filtering and sorting of data.
  • Representation of
    • traffic flows (approaching traffic)
    • source and goal analysis
    • transit traffic
    • commuter trafficvehicles by time and place of detection


Contract period

6 November 2013, 24 hours