Bluetooth implemented on long-term construction sites

One main goal of the Congestion Free Hessen 2015 Initiative is to reduce traffic congestion. Therefore, a variety of projects have been introduced. For instance, the construction and installation of traffic management and route guidance systems and further, the temporary opening of the hard shoulder on respective routes and road works management. The basis for all measures is in-depth knowledge of the traffic network and its current situation, which are gathered and evaluated by detectors.


Hessen Mobil
Road and Traffic Management
Dezernat Strategisches Verkehrsmanagement
Wilhelmstraße 10, 65185 Wiesbaden


Bluetooth in long-term road work


  • Delivery of six BLIDS® sensors for installation into route network.
  • One BLIDS® sensor with solar panel and puffer battery for independent power supply.
  • Installation of the system on site.
  • Connecting of the BLIDS® sensors to the data server and network.
  • Provision of web-based interface for representation of travel and delay times.
  • Maintenance of operational readiness.

Contract period

2011 to present